Due to Covid restrictions and guidelines all of all our classes can

be scheduled as one-on-ones or small grouping of friends!

Call to Schedule!

Manifestation Garden Workshop!

$55 per person

Zen garden meets Manifestation creating.

Join us for this magical class where you will learn how to use crystals to manifest

your intensions through the beauty of a Zen garden.

You will:

Create your own Zen garden

Let the universe pick the right crystals for you through a magical experience

Learn how to manifest and set your intentions

Make your own personalized Mandala rock to match your intention for your garden

Intention Capsule Necklaces

April 8th (6pm)

$35 per person

Create your very own intention capsule necklace. String your own necklace out

of handmade paper rolled beads. Learn how to state clear intentions that will be added to your capsule necklace.

Carry your intention around your necklace and let the universe do the rest.

You will leave with a finished piece of jewelry and affirmation sign that you design and create!

Sign up via website on the home page at the bottom under Begin your Journey section or call /text 631-358-1235

Deposit required.

Call, text, or email for more information!

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