Everyone has seven chakra centers in his/her body. When these centers of energy get disrrupted or knocked out of alignment our entire emotional and physical lives can change.

This relaxing one-on-one sessions offers your body emotional and physical healing using crytsal healing properties and light therapy. Chakra healing can reduce emotional and phsyical stress and bring in positive energies to you. Aligning one's chakra centers brings about change and alignment that have been known to ease stress, lesson tension, boost immune systems, and repair emotionaland physical damage to the body. These sessions are not to replace medical care, please seek a professional medica ldoctor for all medical conditions. 


You are ableto prepay for your session here. Sessions are performed at The Mindful Rabbit Inc. Please select pick-up during the checkout process to finalize your payment. Call to schedule appointment.


Chakra healing orginated in India between 1500 and 500 BC. It is also known as Cakra, Sanskrit meaning "Wheel."

Chakra Healing Session with Light Therapy