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What is Permanent Jewelry
(don't let the name scare you)


Is it a tattoo, does it involve surgery?

No it isn't tattoo and No it's not a piercing!

It simply means the ends of the jewelry whether it be a bracelet, anklet, or necklace are fused together so there are no clasps to open or close the piece!


Using a small welder pen the ends of your bracelet, anklet, or necklace are cold-fused (welded) together taking the place of where the clasp would be. No clasps or openings needed. Your jewelry spins on your wrist, ankle, or neck and freely moves and turns! Your jewelry is on you day and night, when and if you want to take it off, it's a simple removal with a pair or scissors or nail clippers. And it can be refused back together at a later date (for an additional charge) when you are ready to wear it again! Perfect for bridal parties, best friends, dating couples, siblings, and those who want a reminder of their affirmations, and so much more! They are dainty, beautiful, and because there aren't any claps it's a seamless look! There are different options of thickness and style for those who want a simple look or a more rugged style.


How does it work? You make an appointment, we measure your wrist size, you choose which chain you like, and I use a small welding pen to cold fuse the ends together! No pain, no heat, less than 15 min from start to finish, and it's a fun and exciting process! The actual cold welding process is about 5 to 10 seconds!

Pricing: Pricing depends on which chain you choose and style type (bracelet, anklet, or necklace).

We offer 18k gold filled chains and Sterling Silver. Bracelets range in price from $40-$60. Anklets range from $50-65, and necklaces begin at $115. 10k and 14k Gold chains must be preordered please contact for further information..

Affirmation Sessions: This optional add-on to your appointment consists of an additional ten minute Spiritual session focusing on the the specific manifestation or affirmation the customer is working on. Your bracelet, anklet, or necklace is then placed on our blessing altar to infuse it with positivity and strength to guide you. Wear it as a reminder of what you are manifesting. Please note: there is a small additional charge to the price of your jewelry for this affirmation session.

Setting an Appointment: Please call or text for further instructions to book your appointment. Please specify how many people you are bringing as EACH person needs their own appointment. Larger group appointments such as bridal or birthday parties must call for more detailed information.

Allergies: If you think you may have a skin reaction to 18k Gold Filled, Sterling Silver, or 10k Gold chains please consult your doctor prior to making your appointment.

Call for further information and book an appointment!

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