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Somatic Embodiment
Finding Source Energy with You

Classes & One-on-one Information coming soon as we

expand into our studio!!!

Biodynamic Somatic Intuitive Therapy 

Breathing, Stretching, Embodiment, Intuitive Practices

Working with our bodies, our nervous systems, and our our souls. Learn how your body and mind can work together to heal, help reduce pain and trauma, and regulate your nervous system. Connect to your body, source energy, and embodiment healing. You will need to wear comfy clothing and bring a yoga mat.

Pillows, bolster, and a stretch band are recommended.

Equipment can be borrowed for class!

One-on-one sessions or participate in one of our classes

Image by Julia Caesar

Your can become whatever you desire, believe in yourself and

source will lead the way.

The Divine Feminine Vibrancy
Awaken your divine feminine power. This once a week class will help teach you how to claim courage, remove mental and emotional blocks, understand your self worth and connect you with your divine self.  When we truly know ourselves we are more confident to unveil our authentic spirits to the world. Unlocking your unique identity helps to improve your well being, your relationships, and your ability to manifest. We will have supportive discussions, dance, stretch, breathe, and learn powerful skills to help you manifest, change your vibrations, attract, and believe in Source. Weekly activities will include surprise guest speakers, health and wellness trainers, self awakening activities (crafts, manifest tools, creating oils), letting go practices, and self love embodiment.
Get ready to light candles, manifest change, wear crowns of self love, and make new friends.
Schedule and pricing coming soon.


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