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Couple/Marriage Spiritual Counseling

Together with your partner or spouse learn how to communicate from the spirit instead of from the human ego. Understand different ways of processing, working through, and moving past blockages, resentments or conflicts.


This is a non-judgmental hour bringing you closer to your partner with skills and tools to reconnect and build a stronger bond than ever before.


Life is meant to be a glorious journey of adventure, excitement, and love. It is never too late to see the beauty and power of reconnecting and starting a new beginning.

All sessions are 60 min.

1 session consultation-$100

4 session package-$400

6 sessions/monthly package-$600

insurance is not accepted 

Silent Counseling
Silent counseling is a rapid release modality that doesn't require the client to have to speak about issues/traumas/or painful memories in order to release them. Silent Counseling uses muscle testing, breath work & acupressure meridian points to release stagnant energy or emotional imprints in the body. Some of the many benefits are:

  • Emotional Relief: Clients experience release from anxiety, depression, overwhelm, and negative thinking.

  • Physical Health: Improvements in chronic pain, skin conditions, and gut disorders.

  • Self-Esteem and Confidence: Silent Counselling enhances self-esteem and clarity.

  • Freedom to Move Forward: It empowers individuals to make positive changes and overcome obstacles.

  • 60 min/$90

Somatic Embodiment
Connecting the body, mind, and spirit to ignite self-healing

Biodynamic Somatic Intuitive Therapy 

One-on-one private session 

Private sessions start with a free 15 minute phone  call or 15 min meet to discuss your needs and if this offering is suitable for you!


Our Somatic Embodiment offerings are deeply moving and are perfect for those who are looking to start or support their self-journey. Through the use of breathing, stretching, embodiment, intuitive practices. and working with our bodies, we learn to connect our nervous

systems to our souls.


Learn how your body and mind can work together to heal, help reduce pain and trauma, and regulate your nervous system. Connect to your body, source energy, and embodiment healing. Somatic sessions help to release damaging pent-up emotions by using various

mind-body techniques and exercises.


By using mindfulness practices, we can begin to understand the thoughts, feelings, memories, and physical sensations we have stored within us. Once identified we learn how to move forward and release unhealthy blocks. Reduce anxiety, deepen meditative skills, lower self-doubt, increase self-awareness and importance.

You will need to wear comfy clothing and bring a yoga mat during designated

sessions throughout this program.


Pillows, bolster, and a stretch

band are recommended.


Equipment can be borrowed during your session.


New Client Intake Session: 45min - $60

Regular sessions: 60mins -$100

* please review our policy page



to Release beliefs, blocks, and enhance wellness


Breathwork has the power to totally transform your life by connecting the body, mind, and spirit. Breathwork helps to lower acute stress and anxiety while diverting health issues.  It increases blood flow, helps to remove toxins, and can rewire distress to the brain. Your body is connected with your mind, heart, and soul and healing must be treated as a whole. Breath nourishes our body, aids in healing, and boosts immunity. Breathwork directly impacts the nervous system and re-tones/rebalances the vagus nerve. It also can calm the mind, uplift the spirit and  connect you to your heart. Breath relaxes our vibration, helps to relieve conscious and subconscious trauma, and regenerates us.


Studies have shown that using correct breathing techniques can be equilvant to the benefits of meditation. Physical and mental health issues can be directly impacted through correct breathwork techniques. Learning correct breathwork techniques can completely change the way you approach and handle difficult to everyday life situations.


Breathwork is a truly amazing and a life changing skill. Sessions will cover correct breathwork techniques, releasing mental and emotional blocks, focusing skills, connecting to yourself and source, and how to start living the life you deserve. Our breathwork classes and private sessions incorporate skills to connect with your higher self and the divine source energy. Please come dressed in comfy clothing and bring a yoga mat or comfy blanket to lay on. Please call to learn more. Individual and group sessions available.​

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