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Somatic Embodiment
Connecting the body, mind, and spirit to ignite self-healing

Biodynamic Somatic Intuitive Therapy 

One-on-one private session 

Private sessions start with a free 15 minute phone  call or 15 min meet to discuss your needs and if this offering is suitable for you!

Our Somatic Embodiment offerings are deeply moving and are perfect for those who are looking to start or support their self-journey. Through the use of breathing, stretching, embodiment, intuitive practices. and working with our bodies, we learn to connect our nervous systems to our souls. Learn how your body and mind can work together to heal, help reduce pain and trauma, and regulate your nervous system. Connect to your body, source energy, and embodiment healing. Somatic sessions help to release damaging pent-up emotions by using various mind-body techniques and exercises. By using mindfulness practices, we can begin to understand the thoughts, feelings, memories, and physical sensations we have stored within us. Once identified we learn how to move forward and release unhealthy blocks. Reduce anxiety, deepen meditative skills, lower self-doubt, increase self-awareness and importance.

You will need to wear comfy clothing and bring a yoga mat during designated sessions throughout this program.

Pillows, bolster, and a stretch band are recommended.

Equipment can be borrowed during your session.

New Client Intake Session: 45min - $60

Follow-up Sessions: 45-60mins -$65 (45min)  $80 (60min)

* please review our policy page

Image by Julia Caesar

You can become whatever you desire, believe in yourself and

source will lead the way.

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