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Reiki , Meditation, Chakra/Light Therapy 


Reiki Sessions

Reiki is a form of energy healing. Everything in this beautiful world has an energy field around it and in it. Translated "Rei" is the Japanese word meaning "universal" and "ki" meaning life force energy. Together "Reiki" means "Universal Life Force Energy." Reiki healing is a non-invasive healing technique used to channel the universal life force energy through the practitioner to the client. There are a variety of ways this can be performed using a hands-on or hands-off approach. Energy fields can be disrupted as a result of many different things. Life events, illness, daily worries and struggles can all contribute to a disruption in our bodies. As universal life force energy moves through the practitioner and into the client it knows exactly where to heal and how to heal the disruption. This experience is truly magical. At The Mindful Rabbit, we use a hands-off (hands are above the client's body) approach. Please note, Reiki does NOT replace the need to seek and use the directions from your medical physician. However, Reiki can be safely added as a compliment to medical treatments.

$45 for 30 minutes 

Reiki is performed by appointment, call or text to schedule 631-335-0336

Meditation Sessions

There are so many reasons we all need to take time to meditate. Research has shown that those who meditate have generally less health issues, less stress, and are simply happier. Through meditation you will be able to open up your mind and find the answers to life questions. Meditation connects you to your guides and angels, and even loved ones who have crossed.

During meditation it is possible to see situations differently and learn new ways to help you along your journey. There is a silly myth out there that people think they won't be able to meditate the right way or that they won't be good at it if they tried. That's pure nonsense.

Everyone CAN meditate and SHOULD meditate daily.

You will learn how to listen to guided meditation and how to meditate and visualize when you are alone. You will learn hand Mudras that can assist you in releasing energy and clearing your mind. Through meditation you will understand and be able to incorporate time for yourself into your daily life. In your meditation toolbox, you will have a variety of meditation techniques that you can use to navigate whatever life surprises you with along your journey. There are a variety of ways to meditate, and we will explore them together so you can enjoy the benefits for years to come.

This gathering only asks that you

wear comfy cozy clothing and come with an open mind.

Private sessions $50 for 30 minutes

With a Friend $45 each

All sessions are 1/2 hour.

Chakra & Crystal Healing with Light Therapy

This relaxing private session offers your body emotional and

physical re-alignment using crystal healing properties with light therapy.

Chakra healing can help reduce emotional and physical stress and bring in positive energy into your life. Let your chakras heal as you lay under the seven colored chakra lights and fall into meditation.  The crystal light bed is a vibrational energy healing tool that helps balance the physical, emotional, and spiritual areas of the body. Our light bed therapy is non-invasive and incorporates LED lights to activate your chakras.  Crystals are placed around you to clear and align your chakra centers. Comfy loose clothing should be worn during your session. Once you are set on the light bed you will be alone in the therapy room to enjoy a 30 min relaxing experience. The use of essential oils and candles can be incorporated if desired.

After your 30 min, we will provide you with an ice-cold bottle of

water to end your session.

These sessions are not to be used in place of

medical care -please seek a doctor for all medical conditions.

Sessions usually last about 30 minutes and are $45


Reiki I,II, Reiki Master Certification

Become a practitioner!



Interested in adding to your current wellness practices or just starting on your wellness business journey? We offer Reiki I & II and Reiki Master attunements.

Each level prepares you for the next stage of learning and confidence to begin a wellness career

offering Reiki for others.

 Attunements are offered each month as a class

(call for dates) and can also be offered

individually to fit your schedule.

Levels I ($195), II ($195) and

 Reiki Master $200 All three classes include

textbook and supplies to help

you start your reiki business!

These certifications can be scheduled as

one-on-one sessions with me or bring a friend or two!

We also offer a

Reiki Master Teacher Certification

please call for prerequisites in order

to take this course

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