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Spiritual Direction Life Coaching  

I help individuals reinvent themselves, create rewarding careers, and find love and happiness along the way by creating STRAETGIC and PURPOSEFUL action plans. Spiritual direction life coaching provides one-on-one private sessions where we create easy but powerful steps (life direction action plans)

to follow that are specifically designed to

help you create, navigate, and achieve success in the areas that 

are important to YOU.


If the following statements resonate with you

LIFE COACHING can completely change your life


* I feel stuck and unmotivated in my career

* I keep repeating undesirable patterns in my love life 

*I feel stagnant in life, my relationships, and life direction

*I just can't put my finger on it, but I just don't feel happy

*I want to start my own business, but I feel lost

*I want to feel closer to my guides and source energy


What makes MY coaching

different from the rest?

I care. I see your potential even if you can't. I believe we are all creators, beautifully designed, and powerful. I believe we have help and guidance all around us, even if you can't see it.

We are here to experience all that this world has to offer.

Sometimes for some of us that's hard, confusing, scary, and frustrating. 

But it doesn't have to be! And you don't have to figure it out alone.

My mission, my passion, my success is seeing YOU achieve the life you desire. For me, the teamwork collaboration is powerful!

 Together, we will design an action plan to achieve your goals with YOU and your personality in mind. This isn't cookie-cutter coaching. We are all unique in our motivational levels, thought processes, and mindsets. Creating an action plan that YOU help create is the BEST formula for success. So, are you ready to change your life?

Because it's time to live a life of prosperity, success, love, and harmony.



Coaching Packages

Intake Session $97 (approx. 60 min)

Package ONE -Four private sessions $400

Package TWO-Six Private Sessions $600

Package THREE-Eight Private Sessions $800

follow up refresher sessions &97

Manifestation Mentorship

The Art of Conscious Creation


If you are:

*looking to further your career or completely change it 

 *attract a new love relationship

*transform the way you

look, feel, and act

*feel happy and excited to live your life YOU are ready to learn the keys to unlock the manifestation power within YOU 

Manifestation is a word that is getting more attention across the globe with every new day. But there is a process to manifesting that many people don't realize. It's like life changing missing puzzle piece. Many people are living a life based on the thoughts, beliefs, and actions that have been "taught" to them. Many haven't formed these ideas on their own, instead they have simply "accepted them" as fact from others. In return these false ideas become the foundation from where they try to manifest from. But what happens when these thoughts, beliefs, and actions don't produce the life they dream of having? Feelings of anxiety, depression, or stagnation start to set in. They believe they "don't deserve" to have the things they want. Questions of worthiness develop, and they watch others achieve goals and accomplishments they could only dream about. They look for "quick fix" changes to help push them into action, but eventually fail at those too. Does this sound familiar? 

Manifestation is NOT about asking and sitting back and...waiting...for a magical moment to appear. And it's not about "hoping" for things to work in your favor. You can journal all you want or create a vision board but understanding how manifestation works is the ONLY key you need. Through social media and other platforms you may hear countless success stories from the presenters that leave you feeling excited. But shortly after you fall right back into the same stagnant patterns of thinking that you are so used to. I'm here to let you in on the REAL steps to creating the life you want and the missing pieces of manifesting and conscious creation that NO one tells you about. It's not a secret but most people don't understand how manifesting truly works. Through my mentorship sessions you will learn and understand a variety of techniques that will instantly change your thoughts, vibration, and speed up the manifestation process. Believing in BUT better yet holding FAITH will ignite you into action and map your journey step by step! This is FAR beyond changing your mindset. It's a complete game changer altogether.

It IS POSSIBLE to manifest and create all that you want, I did it myself! I found true love, have a fantastic business that I'm truly grateful for, created a schedule that works perfectly for me and my family, and I have accomplished things beyond imagination. And now YOU too can create a beautiful and blessed your DIVINE right to be happy and full of abundance. We are part of SOURCE energy and all too often we forget that. We are born to manifest. When thought, emotion, and faith join together ANYTHING can be created. In this one-on-one session you will learn the art of manifesting in every area of your life. YOU have the power to design how it looks and feels. It's Time to start enjoying all the world has to offer! Call to schedule

 Learn the Techniques

Mentorship Packages

Sessions are about 60 min each

First Session/Intake: $100

2 Session Package-$190

3 Session Package-$285

4 or more call for pricing. Sessions are once a week based on your schedule. Refresher session after you've completed three or more sessions $95/session (45min)

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