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Letting the Light from Source Guide US

Image by Shane Rounce
Image by Shane Rounce

Reiki I,II, Reiki Master



Interested in adding to your current wellness practices or just starting on your wellness business journey? We offer Reiki I & II and Reiki Master attunements.

Each level prepares you for the next stage of learning and confidence to begin a wellness career offering Reiki for others.

 Attunements are offered each month as a class (call for dates) and can also be offered individually to fit your schedule.

Levels I,II $190 each level

Master Reiki $200

Image by Javardh

Connect to your Angels

Why are we not taught to connect to our angels and guides that God has assigned to us? This is a skill that anyone and everyone should know how to use. It is an amazing feeling when you understand that we are NOT alone.

Come learn how to connect with your angels & guides by following simple steps and practices. Learn to recognize signs and symbols in your everyday life.  When we believe that we are not alone and have protectors, supporters, and guides life changes before your eyes.


 This workshop will help you see the messages we are given throughout the day from our guides, angels, and departed loved ones. There are no coincidences in this life. We are meant to connect to source energy and live

a meaningful life.

Payment is due on the day of the class or book a private session 60min/$90

Image by Javardh
Image by Kayla Maurais

Tarot/Angel/Oracle Card Lessons

Card Reading Training Class

Interested in Tarot, Oracle, or Angel cards? This one-on-one session with me will help teach you how to open up your mind and learn the skills necessary to understand messages from your guides through the world of cards. Connect with your guides and angels through card reading and receive their powerful and life changing knowledge. 

Embrace the pull towards knowing more! $100 per session (60min) /per person or come with a friend $85 per person

The True Art of Manifestation
Manifestation is a word that is getting more and more attention in our modern day times. But there is an art to manifestation. It's not just about asking and sitting back and staying in the lack of what you dont have in front of you. And it's not about "hoping"for things to work in your favor. We are divine beings and all too often we forget that. We are light and love. When you can join thought with emotion together ANYTHING can be created. In this class or one-on-one session learn the art of manifesting and creating the life you desire. Learn to not only ask for the things you desire but learn to feel them as if they are already yours.....because they are.
Call for dates or schedule a private session
5 for class (1 1/2)

$100 for private session (1 1/2 hour)

Image by Simon Maage
Image by Jametlene Reskp

Finding Source

This is one of my all time favorite classes to teach. Come join like minded individuals and learn how to see the unseen. There is an endless supply of help from Source to guide you on your life journey. There is beautiful, powerful, and loving energy that is available to those who choose to have faith.  We will discuss how to connect to Source through prayer and nature. Learn to unlock your birth gifts that everyone has to help guide and focus us through our lives. We will be exploring sacred practices throughout history and how to implement them in our current modern day lives. Through meditation, breathwork, and declarations you will learn how to raise your vibration and trust your instincts. Come manifest with us!

Navigating in Woods
Image by Timothy Dykes

Mediumship Courses
Learn to unlock all the skills necessary to communicate with the other side. We will be learning the history of mediumship, touch upon religious and spiritual views, and awaken ourselves to our fullest potential. This is a very sacred course that comes with great responsibility. Evidential mediumship means you are providing evidence based connections from the other side-providing the "sitter" (the person coming for a reading) with factual information that only he/she knows. This is an intensive course sequence that will have multiple sessions. Our first class is an introductory to mediumship practices.
$60 per person/first class about is 2 hours

Image by Timothy Dykes
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