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Reiki I,II, Reiki Master Certification

Become a practitioner!



Interested in adding to your current wellness practices or just starting on your wellness business journey? We offer Reiki I & II and Reiki Master attunements.

Each level prepares you for the next stage of learning and confidence to begin a wellness career

offering Reiki for others.

 Attunements are offered each month as a class (call for dates) and can also be offered

individually to fit your schedule.

Levels I ($195), II ($195) and

 Reiki Master $200 All three classes include textbook and supplies to help

you start your reiki business!

These certifications can be scheduled as one-on-one sessions with me or bring a friend or two!

We also offer a

Reiki Master Teacher Certification

please call for prerequisites in order

to take this course

Image by Shane Rounce

The Manifestation
Conscious Creating Coaching 

Manifestation is a word that is getting more and more attention across the globe. But there is an art to manifestation. We are all born to be conscious creators. We are responsible for the thoughts, beliefs, and actions of our lives.
But what happens if we get lost, derailed, or stuck? Feelings of anxiety, depression, or froze start to set in. We believe we "don't deserve" to have the things we want. Questions of worthiness develop, and we watch others achieve goals and accomplishments we could only dream about. And finally, we look or quick fix changes to help push us into action, but in evidently fail at those too. Manifestation is not about asking and sitting back and
...waiting for a magical moment.
And it's not about "hoping" for things
to work in your favor. You can journal all you want or create a vision board but understanding how manifestation works is the ONLY key you need. 
All too often people sit through long discussions or workshops talking about manifesting. They hear countless success stories from the presenters and leave feeling excited. But shortly after they find out they are unsuccessful attracting the life they want.
I'm here to let you in on the REAL steps to creating the life you want and the missing pieces of manifesting and conscious creation that no one tell you about. You will learn and understand a variety of techniques that will instantly change your mindset, vibration, and speed up the manifestation process. Believing in but better yet holding faith will ignite you into action and road map your journey step by step. It IS POSSIBLE to manifest and create all that you want, itis your DIVINE right to be happy and full of abundance.

We are part of SOURCE energy and all too often we forget that. We are light and love. When you can join thought with emotion together ANYTHING can be created. In this one-on-one session you will learn the art of manifesting and create a life you love.

Call to schedule

Learn the Techniques Counselling Package
2 sessions-$165
3 sessions-$200
4 or more call for pricing.
Sessions are once a week based
on your schedule.
Refresher session after you've completed two or more sessions $80 


Day Trip

Learn to unlock all the skills necessary to communicate with the other side. We will be learning the history of mediumship, touch upon religious and spiritual views, and awaken ourselves to our fullest potential. This is a very sacred course that comes with great responsibility. Evidential mediumship means you are providing evidence based connections from the other side-providing the "sitter" (the person coming for a reading) with factual information that only he/she knows. This is an intensive course sequence that will have multiple sessions.

Our first session is an introductory to mediumship practices.
$60/1 Hour
After the first session a schedule of meet up times is arranged to fit your needs.

Image by Joshua J. Cotten

Just Be Yoga meets on



Kids Yoga Class

Yoga truly is for everybody, especially children!! We are so excited to welcome kids (aged 5-9) to practice yoga with us weekly at The Mindful Rabbit. We will move, stay still, dance, breathe, shake, notice, breathe, listen, share in community, breathe, laugh, play…. Did I mention we will breathe?? The powerful tool of mindful breathing will be practiced in each class. Through the repeated practice of coming back to themselves, our children will learn that they can JUST BE. 

When Deb completed her 200HR YTT, she almost immediately embarked on her 95-hour kids yoga training. Her thought was, “If I was practicing yoga when I was a kid, where would I be now in terms of my own daily mindful connection to myself, with those around me, my higher power, and the universe”? Working full time and single mother to her 6-year-old daughter Claire, Deb leans on her yoga practice to keep her grounded. Deb and Claire both love and appreciate the gift of yoga;

the practice keeps them close to each other and

connected to the present moment.   

Please register on our calendar found at the bottom of the home page. If your class is not currently listed please call for future dates. 


Archangel Workshop

Learn about the power and guidance of Archangels. In this course we will learn about different archangels, who they are, what they do, how to call them, and why they are available to us. This is a powerful and life changing course that you will be able to apply to your life whenever you need to. We are never alone and along with our own personal guides and angels we have  the gift of being able to call in extra powerful divine support at any given moment. Each archangel has a very special gift to offer you to help you along your life journey. Join us and learn the beauty of believing.

Please register on our calendar found at the bottom of the home page. If your class is not currently listed please call for future dates.

Private Sessions can also be scheduled

Chalking Up

Mindful Body

Mindful Body personal training is a unique workout experience (led by a seasoned personal trainer) where we not only transform and tone our bodies but transform and tone our minds.

This non-judgmental and supportive one-on-one or small group  encourages all women to feel comfortable while learning workout exercises to build, tone, and reshape their bodies. No need to worry about how you look while working out, we are

all here for the same reasons!

Here's the twist: Each session has a theme to discuss, share, and learn about. We will discuss everything from nutrition to which skincare line has the best results! Our main goal is to share and learn from one another while learning how to transform the body, mind, and soul.

We will be using free weights, mats, stretch bands etc

please wear comfortable workout clothes.


Sign up for private sessions or grab a group of friends.

A series of interactive music sessions

 for you and your toddler!

Session 1: Carnival Kickoff

immerse yourself in music and movement while embodying the spirit of creatures depicted in Carnival of the Animals

by Camille Saint Saens

Session 2: Songs of Spirit Animals Sing, Dance, and make animals sounds with familiar folklores about all kinds of animals

Session 3: Musical Meditations

Practice deep breathing and mindfulness

Session 4: Noise in Nature 

Celebrate Mother Earth's weather events with percussion instruments 

Spa Ingredients

We offer a variety of classes and workshops: Creative classes, Angel/Oracle/Tarot Card, Self Help, Manifestation classes and many more! Please check our monthly
calendar for upcoming events!

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